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We dont just Improve.  We Transform

About Us

ProcessZen was founded by Fabrice Bouchereau.  

Fabrice is a licensed Industrial & Systems Engineer, facilitator and trainer with 18 years of experience managing lean, quality and continuous improvement projects and teams.
His experience changing company culture and improving processes covers a broad range of industries including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, oil & gas, heavy equipment manufacturing and textiles.


He is fluent in English, French, and Spanish and has delivered training in the United States, Caribbean, Mexico and Latin America.


He is a frequent conference speaker at world and regional conferences serving the quality, project management, industrial engineering, healthcare and HR communities.


ProcessZen delivers transformational business solutions and focuses on process optimization and cultural transformation through facilitation, implementation and training. 


Our mission is to help organizations establish safe and innovative environments where they get the most out their systems, processes and resources and achive optimal levels of satisfaction for employees and customers.

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