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Facilitation and Team Dynamics

Soft Skills for Professionals- 2 day seminar


This seminar focuses on techniques for developing soft skills such as communications, leadership, team building, and relationship building.

Participants will learn how to address common problems encountered when technical professionals are faced with people problems or challenges. The seminar is organized into ten sections:


1. Introduction to Soft Skills – learn to make the move from task management to relationship management


2. Communications Skills – learn the skills that will take you beyond the technical aspects of your profession.


3. Engineering Conversations – learn to take control of all conversations, subordinate, peer and upward.


4. Leadership – learn the foundation and application of leadership skills


5. Team Building – learn to build, motivate, and coach teams to effective performance.


6. Facilitation – learn techniques to lead teams to creative solutions using proven techniques.


7. Conflict Management – learn various conflict management techniques.


8. Negotiation – learn negotiation techniques and how to negotiate for winwin results every time.


9. Becoming Effective – understand and apply a model for improving effectiveness as a communicator and as a leader.


Target Participants


  • Technical professionals.

  • Team leads and technical project managers.

For more information please contact us.

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