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"Fabrice is an energetic and brilliant industrial engineer, who has the business insights and analytic acumen to identify the root causes of multiple complex problems and identify simple, profound solutions. He is a strong teacher and coach who is very self-motivated for the continuous improvement of any organization. Fabrice is a very rare professional who strives for the very best in an organization, no matter the obstacles, the geography or the time constraints. He is a true winner."


Rocky Gay, PhD, PMP. ● BP AMERICA ● Houston, TX




"Fabrice has very strong skills within the areas of Continuous Improvement, Process Development and Improvement, and Business Excellence. He has proven to be a strong builder of teams and able to lead fairly complex projects within his area of expertise. Fabrice is also a broad thinker that "sees the bigger picture" and comes up with creative solutions for how to improve."


Fredrik Glette ● KONGSBERG DEFENCE SYSTEMS ● Kongsberg, Norway




"Fabrice provided tutoring to me for the Project Management Professional test. After meeting with him, I was able to understand what I needed to study, better ways for me to study the information, and review concepts I was having major trouble with. He was able to break down certain concepts so that I am able to process what they mean and memorize it! I cannot thank him enough for all of his help!!!"


Katy Dunbar ● KELLOGG BROWN and ROOT ● Houston, TX




"While he can effectively strategize and communicate with senior level management, he promotes process knowledge to empower employees at all levels to drive change and reduce waste.Fabrice truly shines when he is engaging junior level employees in utilizing LEAN tools to understand their processes, identifying obvious and hidden wastes, and identifying and executing the appropriate solutions to improve their work processes and business performance. Fabrice's unwavering people-based approach to change management and waste reduction sets him apart from his peers and gets employees excited about discovering how they too, can become drive daily improvements. Fabrice is an invaluable asset to any company wanting to establish a culture of continuous improvement and waste reduction to improve their performance."


Tiffany Small-McKelvin, MBA

Experienced Leader of Operational Excellence, Business Strategy, Change Management, 

Employee Engagement & Empowerment


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